Remote for Updated Lycaon GR (Hobbywing Version)


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Speed Adjustment 4 Gear
Brake Adjustment Brake intensity changes with speed modes
Control Distance 40m (open space)
Connect Mode 2.4 G
Battery Voltage/ Capacity 3.7V/200MAH
Charging Time 1 Hour
Charging Port USB Type-C

How to Change Speed Mode- Press the speed mode switches to adjust speed for your riding mode.

Speed Mode: Top Speed in Each Mode
L (Low)  12mph / 20kph
M(Medium)  18mph / 30kph
H(High)  25mph / 40kph
Pro (Top Speed) 25mph / 40kph ( Instantaneous Acceleration)

 How to pair the remote and the board

1. Keep the remote and the board powered off.
2. Hold the power button of both remote and the board till the screen displays" PAIRED OK"
3. Press the switch button to select options and press the power button to confirm.
4. Enter into function interface

How to adjust speed modes - Press the switch button to adjust speed when the throttle in the neutral position.

How to set auto cruise - Hold the throttle to keep the board moving, and then press the power button. Hold the throttle a bit longer after the speed mark is covered by a square, the auto cruise is on then, and you can enjoy your hands-free ride. Exit auto cruise by pressing any button or braking.

How to switch marching direction - Double press switch button to set forward and backward direction. See ↑/↓ on the remote screen.

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