Remote for Lycaon G & Lycaon GR (Original Version)

Product image 1LycaonBoard Electric Skateboard Remote
Product image 2function of LycaonBoard Remote

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Speed Adjustment 4 Gear
Brake Adjustment 4 Intensity
Control Distance 16yd/15m (open space)
Connect Mode 2.4 G
Battery Voltage/ Capacity 3.7V/ 220MAH
Charging Time 1 Hour
Charging Port Micro USB

Functions of LycaonBoard remote for Lycaon G, Lycaon GR

Functions of LycaonBoard Remote for Lycaon G, Lycaon GR

How to Change Speed Mode- Press speed mode switch to adjust speed for your riding mode.

Speed Mode: Top Speed in Each Mode
L (Low)  7.5 mph / 12 kph
M(Medium)  16 mph / 26 kph
H(High)  26 mph / 42 kph
H+ (Top Speed) 26 mph / 42 kph ( Instantaneous Acceleration)
How to Adjust Brake Intensity- Hold the throttle back to the brake state and press the speed mode switch to adjust brake intensity. Brake intensity 1/2/3/4, the higher the harder.  
How to Set Auto Cruise- Hold the throttle to accelerate to certain speed (over 10km/h), and press the Auto Cruise button. Release the throttle when the screen displays CRU. Press the Speed Mode Switch to adjust cruise speed. Exit Cruise Mode by pressing any button except Speed Mode Switch.

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