What To Consider When Buying An Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Even though you have never ridden an electric skateboard, you definitely see someone pass by you riding a regular skateboard. Ten years ago, the electric skateboard may be a rare thing, but now the it has become a thriving industry. So many electric skateboard brands spring up and you’ve got plenty of choice out there.

Compared with regular skateboard, electric skateboard is more complicatedly constructed as it involves motors, batteries, ESC and remote. If you don’t have any skateboard or board experience, you may feel a little overwhelmed when buying a new electric skateboard. So here in this article, we’d like to list some key factors you need to take into consideration if you’re thinking about getting an electric skateboard.

Is it Is it legal?

Whenever you have the thought of purchasing an electric skateboard, the first thing that comes to your mind is to figure out whether it is legal to ride an electric skateboard in public places in your city, or is there any restrictions for you to go out for riding. Due some traffic safety issues, electric skateboard is banned or restricted for use in some countries or cities.

For example, in Australia, people are not allowed to ride the electric skateboard “on roads with median strips, one-way roads with more than one marked lane or any road where the speed limit is greater than 50 kilometers per hour.” Therefore, if electric skateboard is totally banned in your country, then maybe it’s not worth to buy one. Anyway you won’t have a good time with the electric skateboard if you have to worry about being fined by the traffic police.


Buying an electric skateboard is not cheap. For some expensive ones, the price can reach more than $1500. The price is so costly that you can even buy a second-hand motorcycle. For some budget boards, you may worry about the performance and quality. And you won’t have fun with a electric skateboard that doesn’t meet your requirements. It’s indeed a hard choice to make especially in front of so many options.

So when it comes to getting a new board, you have to consider your budget. If you have a high budget you’re able to get all kinds of bells and whistles, extended range and high top speed. If you have a lower budget, maybe you will get an entry-level board but still have the awesome experience of riding an electric skateboard. So figure out your budget is the first thing you need to do to narrow down your choice.

For our LycaonBoard, two types are now available on the market: Lycaon G and Lycaon GR. The price of both these two boards is under $600. It is a great deal for such good-quality boards with both beautifully designed appearance and excellent performance. They are nearly half price of those expensive electric skateboards but offer you the same pleasant riding experience. If you are thinking about getting a new board, give LycaonBoard a shot and you’ll be surprised!

Ride feel

Next consideration you will think about is the ride feel, whether you like to ride your board stiff or soft. Many people prefer a soft longboard feel with a lot of flex on the board and the deck. While others prefer a more stiff rigid board. Getting a sense of what kind of board that you like depending on your ride style. If you are just kind of looking to cruise around streets, then a relatively stiffer deck will be fine for you. But if you’re into riding on rough surfaces, then a softer deck with great flex will help to absorb vibration and offer you better riding feel.

The wheel type also depends on your riding style. If you are looking to do any kind of off-road riding and ride on grass, you need to get a board that has off-road wheels. Regular wheels are soft and good for street riding, but they can’t go off road. What other riders feel on the same skateboard can be different, so it’s essentially important to know your own riding style.

Both Lycaon G and Lycaon GR are made of Canadian maple, which ensures adequate resilience of the deck. The deck absorbs the vibration effectively and your feet won’t feel numb easily. 90*54mm wheel size enables you to easily overcome small rocks and cracks on the terrain. Whether you cruise around the flat grounds or uneven roads, LycaonBoard can get you to the destination successfully.

Range & Top speed

Two of the most important things that make the biggest difference between all kinds of skateboards is the top speed and range. These are two factors that skaters care about most. If you are a thrill seeker, then you probably expect high top speed. Taking top speed as a criterion, you can easily rule out part of the electric skateboard types. But if top speed is not your chief concern, then a relatively lower top speed won’t be a problem for you.

If you are doing short commutes, then maybe you need a basic range battery. You can save a bit on price. But if you are commuting any extended distance or want to be able to just grab your board and go and not have to recharge your board all the time, then extended range is a better fit for you. So knowing what’s your range has a big impact on what kind of board you will get.

Lycaon G and Lycaon GR have the same top speed of 26 mph / 42 kph. This top speed should be enough for the majority of skaters in daily life. As Lycaon GR adopts 18650 cells in 10S3P, hence it has more range. Once you handle properly, you shall get the ideal range of 23 miles ± 2 miles / 37 km ± 3.2 km. it’s perfect for people who need a relatively long range. Though the range scope of Lycaon G is less than Lycaon GR, 8 miles ± 2 miles / 12 km ± 3.2 km is totally suitable to electric skateboard beginners.


Another factor you cannot ignore is the weight issue, which means the board weight and your weight. In particular, if you are buying the electric skateboard for commuting purpose and you have to bring it onto the train, too much board weight will be exhausting and so inconvenient. And if your skateboard battery dies you’ll have to carry or kick push it home. Therefore, do remember to check the board weight and get a board that is easy to carry around.

Besides, the rider’s weight also plays a big role. Too much load on the skateboard will influence the range to a certain degree. And every electric skateboard brand will list the maximum load. So always check the specification and make sure your own weight does not exceed the weight limit. The maximum load for LycaonBoard is 220 lbs / 100 kg. If you're a bigger person and carrying more weight, then you may need a more powerful battery. 

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