Electric Skateboard Troubleshooting: Unusual Noise

Though skateboarding is an awesome and exciting experience, you may come across some issues while using the skateboard. In particular, the electric skateboard involves lots of electronic components, which makes it hard to determine the parts that go wrong. Here are some frequent issues and solutions for you to figure out what’s going on and fix the problem and ride again.

Unusual Noise

1. Squeaky bushings

Solution: Unscrew the nut from the kingpin and take out your bushings. Check for cracks and make sure they aren’t squashed. If so, get new bushings. Wax the bushings or apply some oil or silicon-based lubricant.

2. Clicking bearings

Solution: Use a skate tool to tighten the axle nut until it is tight and then back it off a quarter turn until the clicking stops. Clean your bearings and lubricate them with silicon-based lubricant.

3. Noise caused by loose bolts/nuts

Solution: Tighten all your screws.

4. Noise caused by space between the hanger and pivot cup

Solution: Clean the pivot hole with soap or lube. Replace the pivot cup if it cracks and tears.

5. Clicking and creaking sound caused by the washer between your kingpin and the nut or the washer closer to your base plate

Solution: The reason for the clicking sound is that the washer overlaps the kingpin and bushings. Get new washers.

6. Ticking noise and bumpy ride caused by flat spots on wheels

Solution: Scrape flat spots off and make the wheels even, but it will make your wheels become smaller. You’d better replace your wheels.

7. Cracking noise caused by delamination between layers of the deck when your deck has become moist (not common)

Solution: Glue them and apply some clamps. Wait for about a day and see if it helps. If it’s not working, get a new deck.

8. Noise caused by the hardness of your wheels

Solution: The harder the wheels are, the more noise they make. When you solely ride asphalt think of replacing your wheels that are a tad softer. 



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