Electric Skateboard Troubleshooting: Braking Issue

Though skateboarding is an awesome and exciting experience, you may come across some issues while using the skateboard. In particular, the electric skateboard involves lots of electronic components, which makes it hard to determine the parts that go wrong. Here are some frequent issues and solutions for you to figure out what’s going on and fix the problem and ride again.

Braking Issue

1. Overheated motors lead to braking failure

Solution: Stop riding and let the motor cool down.

2. Regenerative braking and overcharge protection disable brakes

Solution: Stop riding downhill and ride uphill or on flat ground. If the skateboard is fully charged, do not use the brake while riding downhill.

3. Poor braking caused by wrong brake level

Solution: Adjust your braking level to the highest level.

4. Remote controller is out of power.

Solution: Recharge or replace the remote.

5. The motor wires are in short circuits (not common).

Solution: Check the motor wires and make sure they are properly insulated and not touching each other.


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