Electric Skateboard Troubleshooting: Remote Connection Failure

Though skateboarding is an awesome and exciting experience, you may come across some issues while using the skateboard. In particular, the electric skateboard involves lots of electronic components, which makes it hard to determine the parts that go wrong. Here are some frequent issues and solutions for you to figure out what’s going on and fix the problem and ride again.

Remote Connection Failure

Normally the remote controller has already been paired to the skateboard when the product leaves the factory. If you fail to connect your controller and your skateboard, it may be caused by the following reasons:

1. The skateboard is not turned on or out of power.

Solution: Long press the power button of the skateboard for about 5-8 seconds until the power indicator starts to flash. Recharge the board if it’s out of power.

2. The remote controller is not turned on or is not properly installed or out of power.

Solution: Turn on the power of the remote controller. Reinstall or recharge the battery of the controller if it’s out of power.

3. The remote controller is too far away from the skateboard.

Solution: Stand close to the skateboard while holding the controller to connect.

4. Signal interference nearby.

Solution: Move away from the area with signal interference and then reconnect according to the user manual.




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